Project degree

The aim of the project is the implementation of a platform for management and distribution of media live content and media on-demand. Techniques for dynamic adaptation of the content quality will be used to optimize network resources.

The dynamic adaptation of the content quality involves the estimation of the state of the connection. Finding out the most appropriate bitrate will avoid cuts during reproduction and will optimize network capacity. For delivering adaptive streaming content we need to have multiple copies of the original file, each file with the same content but with different quality parameters and codecs. Having multiple copies of the file will allow compatibility with major mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, smartwatches) because the most appropriate media file, depending on the technical limitations of each device, can be sent to each client.

We used the following software:

  • Web framework (Django)
  • Programming languages (Python, HTML, JS, jQuery, CSS )
  • Web Servers (Apache, Nginx, Lighttp)
  • WSGI Server (Gunicorn)
  • Worker - Asíncronous server (Celery)
  • Database Server (MySQL, SQLite)
  • SO (Ubuntu Server)
  • IDE (Eclipse)